Frequently asked questions

During the last 75 years, we’ve been in business, a majority of our customers have had a similar set of questions.
This listicle aims to help you in getting the most popular queries to be answered, through and through…

Do you have a professional wine-tasting sommelier?

Surely! In fact, a winery and a wine restaurant without a strong team of sommeliers is basically worthless, right…

Hence, we take our winery’s operations quite responsibly, making sure that our staff is big enough and knowing enough in order to assist our clients in the most formidable way.

Our sommeliers will not just help you choose a glass or a bottle of wine, or help to pair a wine and an accompanying dish. They’re also available for catering events you host and are up for an event rental…

Does your wine restaurant have other locations?


Unfortunately, we did not expand yet.

But still we’re now looking into possibilities to enter both Dakotas and Wyoming as well, so to make all of the North-Western US supplied with the finest wines imaginable!



Besides the wine, do you offer any kind of main or side dishes to accompany it with?


Without any doubt we do.

Both our highly skilled Chef and our Desserts & Cheeses Chef will make sure that any meat, fish, dessert or a cheese that you want to accompany a wine you’re having will be nothing but perfect!


Does your wine restaurant host happenings and events?


As our restaurant has just 3 halls, we do offer hosting your events, though in a bit of a limited sense.

We will highly appreciate you booking an event with us very much beforehand, so we’ll be able to allocate you and the hall in a timely manner…


Do you do a wine tasting for rare wines?



Our bi-yearly wine tasting happenings offer a whole variety of wines, and due to the fact that we only host those twice a year, we surely want rare vintages to be there as well!

Follow our blog to learn more about when the next wine tasting will take place!


Do you sell vintage wines?


Of course!

Our “youngest” vintage wine is a 1988 Merlot from Quebec, and our oldest is a 1777 Riesling…



Do you sell any other alcohol drinks besides the wine or champagne?



We are proud to specialize in wines and we’ll stick to that for time being…



Do you have some sort of Discount club for returning customers?


Yes, after your very first purchase you’ll be able to join it.

Please ask your sommelier or a manager and they will provide you with your Discounts Club Member card…


Do you offer catering services?



We have a whole range of such additional services, including a service of catering an event!

We will also be glad to provide either an entertaining event or a business meeting with any of our professional wine tasting sommeliers, for a small additional charge…


Can you join the tables for me if my party size exceeds 8-guest seats per table?


Are you more of a winery store or a restaurant with a wide selection of wines?

Basically, we’re both.

We both sell the wine in bottles and offer you a restaurant-like setting of 3 halls to enjoy a glass of wine or two, with an accompanying paired dish, recommended by our waiters…


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